Canine Unit

Utilization of properly trained dogs represents a highly cost efficient police tool. This is accomplished by using the canine's acute olfactory and hearing sense. The K-9 is utilized in building and area searches for items and persons, tracking of criminal suspects and lost persons, narcotic searches, assisting outside law enforcement agencies with approved requests and other functions consistent with the Red Oak Police Department policies and procedures.

The Canine Unit is comprised of two canine officers and their respective canines: (LINTZ) who’s handler is Officer Dustin Bragg and (REXJA) whose handler is Officer Johnny Determan.  Each of the canines utilized by the Red Oak Police Department are Belgian Malinois.

  1. Dustin Bragg

    OIC / K9 Officer
    Phone: 972-617-7632

  2. Johnny Determan

    Canine Officer
    Phone: 972-617-7632